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Our service in the Phoenix , Arizona area is to provide materials, fabrication and installation of all facets of natural stone. This includes all types of tile , marble , granite and stone elements to be installed on any and all interior and exterior surfaces.

Our vision is to inspire and to experience the emotion and creativity that develops with the use of natural stone and its many elements and to overcome the restraints of budget.

Our mission is to expand and evolve our carved and crafted details through design and the use of organic and inert materials.



"Exact Marble and Granite is a fitting name for this exceptional company. They demonstrate the most exacting work in the Valley of the Sun, project after project, and year after year. I have had the opportunity to work with many granite and tile contractors over the years and put Roland and his company on the top of the list in quality, integrity, and commitment to excellence. Their ability to reproduce our designs in three dimensions is unsurpassed by any I have worked with. We look forward to a continuing long fruitful relationship with Roland and his friendly family oriented company. Thanks for your dedication and hard work."

Robert Boulay
The Finer Line

“Thank you for your continued dedication to pride in workmanship. It is always a pleasure to work with Exact Tile and Exact Marble & Granite and their employees. It is refreshing to work with others that share the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. I hold your company in the highest regard and look forward to many future projects together.”

Glenn Farner
GEF Development, LLC

"Mr. Roland Wenz, I would like to take this opportunity to express how much I enjoy doing business with a company that has built a culture within the company and that has been geared toward true quality. It is exhibited through your point of design, your accurate scheduling and precise installation. Your craftsman in the field are a pleasure to work with and represent your company’s quality as the best in the industry. Thank you again."

Mike Topmiller
Heritage Construction Specialists
Experience   Experience

Based on our experience and working relationships through the Phoenix, Arizona area we are able to make an extensive variety of tile , marble , granite and other materials. We are providing our customers a wide collection of products - from flooring to carved fireplaces and other major focal points. Our Carved Elements Collection offers a variety of limestone details and fireplaces. We offer three finishes in stone from a smooth honed finish, to a rustic rough honed surface and for a heavy contrast we offer a distressed finish with random texture. The limestone is unfilled to enhance the character, the edges are unrefined and even slightly chipped for effect.
Marble, Granite & Stone  

Marble, Granite & Stone

We create auto-cad/shop drawings, materials, fabrication and installation for all sizes and aspects of marble , granite and stone. This includes countertops, flooring, and showers in all interior and exterior areas. For info on marble, granite and stone click the link below or visit our showroom in Phoenix , Arizona .

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Architectural Elements   Architectural Elements

We produce auto-cad/shop drawings, materials, fabrication and installation for all aspects of architectural elements. This includes door surrounds, columns, window sills, corbels etc. For information, click the link below or visit our factory in Phoenix , Arizona .

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Fireplace Surrounds   Fireplace Surrounds

We provide auto-cad/shop drawings, materials, fabrication and installation for fireplace surrounds. Our fireplaces include crafted burnished metal fireplace surrounds and carved limestone fireplaces surrounds. Our limestone fireplaces can come in many types of finishes and patterns. For details on fireplace surrounds, click the link below or visit our location in Phoenix , Arizona .

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Travertine & Limestone Tiles   Travertine & Limestone Tile

We offer a complete travertine tile collection that is based on textures, movement, filled or unfilled surfaces and color. Our tile collection colors range from sand colored beiges to medium and dark walnuts. For more on travertine and limestone tile , click the link below or visit us in Phoenix , Arizona .

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